Meet Jim Dreyer / The Shark

Ultra-marathon swimmer Jim Dreyer sits down with Jeff to talk about the ups and downs of the adventure Team Tow will take this summer. Everything from eating, sleeping, swimming, and, well, other bodily functions that take place out on the lake. It’s informational, humorous, and provides a wonderful insight into the world of ultra-marathon swimming.

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  1. Jim Dreyer says:

    Welcome to my world. :)

    Go Team Tow!

  2. Angie Walters says:

    Thanks for answering all of our pressing questions! LOL! Great job being informative and giving us some laughs as well! Keep up the great work! What an awesome mentor you have in Jim Dreyer.

  3. megan says:

    Very interesting interview, thanks. I am surprised one would not swim in a day glow, bright yellow, etc. wetsuit, one that can be picked up more easily in the dark with a light. Good luck, I’m excited about reading more!

    • Team Tow says:

      Not sure they exist, but a very smart idea. We’ll be wearing glow sticks, scuba lighting, and a blinking beacon. If we get lost, just look for the two christmas trees floating around the middle of lake michigan.

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