Saturday was quite the experience. We learned a lot and are getting both mentally and physically stronger each time we jump in the open water.

Waves started out around 2 feet, but rose to 3-4 feet at times as we swam parallel to the shore. We were getting pummeled from the side as we swam. Sometimes we’d find ourselves almost at the shore. Other times, we’d be on our way out to sea (in a matter of moments).

After a mile or two, massive nausea kicked in and we were both pretty green. Somewhere in that 3rd mile much of the nutrition we drank came right back out. But, we kept going. We forced down more food and swam more. For the entire swim, heading south was like swimming on a treadmill. Stroke after stroke with no forward movement.

High winds continued all day. Water temp was 54° when we got in and warmed up a a few degrees over the duration. We handled the cold well. No hypothermia on this journey.

We have some adjustments to make – primarily in feeding prior – due to the extended length of these swims. Also, need to examine some anti-nausea pills and see what might assist without knocking us out.

We’re pleased with the results of the day, despite the difficulty. The next few swims will be in inland lakes, then back on the big lake for a series of 3: 16, 9, 18.

Thanks for the support everyone! We appreciate it.