S.O.S. / Save Our Swim!

We have faced many challenges on this journey. Some have challenged us physically. Some have challenged us mentally. Some have challenged our marriage. Some have challenged our will and determination. With hard work, strong focus and the support of our friends, family and community, we have made it through. And with one week until we depart for Wisconsin for our swim, we are faced with yet another challenge.

As of this morning, our boats and boat captains, from the Ludington Yacht Club, have backed out of our adventure for personal reasons. This means we now have NO escort boats to help us get across the lake.

So, we are in desperate need of at least one boat, 35+ feet or longer (sail or power) to guide us across the lake or our swim will be cancelled. If anyone has any contacts, please contact us directly as soon as possible as our leave date for Wisconsin is still August 12th.